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[MachineForth] New NOSC (No Operand Stack Computer) mailing list

There is a new mailing list.

To join, send a mail to :-


with :-

subscribe NOSC 

as the first line in the body.

When the authorization arrives, just hit reply and send it back. 
Don`t try and edit it.

Receipt of the welcome message is your final confirmation.

The posting and unsubscribe instructions are in the welcome 
message as are basic rules and other useful information.

Please spread this notification to other people that YOU think will 
be interested, but don`t SPAM people unnecessarily or other 
mailing lists. 

I`m sure krejasi JR or Jeff will announce this in c.l.f


To Unsubscribe from this list, send mail to Mdaemon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with:
unsubscribe MachineForth
as the first and only line within the message body
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