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[MachineForth] Chuck's 25x and IBM's Blue Gene

 --- Jeff Fox <fox@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: >
Waynesma wrote:
> > Well even an x18
> > on it's own would be a usefull chip (I can think
> of
> > one low volumne group who would be over the moon
> if it
> > was connected to their machine {: ) .
> It does offer exceptionally low power and high
> performance.  The external 4ns memories are
> easily obtainable and easy to connect.  But to take
> full advantage one might want to get a custom
> version
> of the 1ns on-chip ROM w/ your app. done by Chuck.
> I like the instruction set. ;-)

I don't even need that, the 2400Mip ram should be fast
enough for basic floating point.  I have only two sets
of routines I would stick in Rom, but sram is just as
good, so except for a enhanced serial boot loader
(from Rom and flash) I don't need it.