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I remember Sir Clive Sinclair invested heavily in a
parrallel Misc type concept with serial bus on a wafer
in the late 80's and early 90's, he would probably be
interesrted in such technology (as he still hasn't got
it to market).

Still keep in mind: 
That 400Mhz-1Ghz cheap edram.  It might be of interest
to investrors in a future design.

While I was looking it up I came accross these:

Sub-Minature 333Mhz+ DDR

IBM's 210Ghz silicon transistor process.

If companies like this can pay the inventor of Pascal
1 Million dollers (from an article 20 years ago that
interveiwed and profiled Pascal inventor and Chuck) to
come and research with them, surely one of them could
pay Chuck to research with their high speed processes,
or to help him setup another company to do it. 
Imagine where AMD, IBM or Sony would be with the
resulting products?

> > Congradulations to Chuck, does this mean he's not
> > working under iTV at the moment?  
> Yes.  As he said at the very beginning of his 
> last presentation to FIG on OKAD II iTV had no
> interest in a rewrite of his CAD software in
> Forth or in any new chip designs by him.  So
> he got a new computer and began working on his
> own on a project where some people had expressed
> interest.  He said they were nice people but
> just not interested in his stuff.

Maybe he could become involved in some alternative
technology, say Optical computing.

> only gets 1G out of 0.13u technology however. I
> wonder
> what Chuck's designs would do if scaled from 1.8u
> to 0.13u.  Chuck Moore's law seems different than
> Gordon Moore's law.
> ------------------------

Out of curiosity, are they somehow distantly related ?



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