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[MachineForth] Forths and Grub

Hi people,

now that I've been able to compile Mark Slicker's version of
ColorForth in my Linux/Hurd/NetBSD box (I don't have DOS or Windows,
though I can run textmode DOS things in an emulator) I'm planning to
collect more information and to try to make some of the standalone
versions of Forth or ColorForth that are floating around "multiboot
compliant", i.e., loadable by Grub.

If anyone is interested, have pointers to give, etc, then please get
in touch, in private or through the list. I believe that by making
Grub-compatible standalone Forths we would make many other people
interested in at least booting these Forths a few times.

    Eduardo Ochs


P.S.: Mark Slicker's ColorForth didn't work in my machine... I got
just a black screen. My video card is a SiS6326...


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