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[machineforth] Possible list disruption - 23rd November onwards


It's that time again.

Another upgrade to our bandwidth invloving a change of equipment both locally 
and upstream.

The last few times we have had changes, we have been lucky.  Before that we 
were unlucky and had down times of a few days.

This time it involves at least Two upstream companies.

Just in case, be forwarned.  Get any emails out before the 23rd November.  
Should there be a problem, wait a few days and try again.   We have been 
running mailing lists since 1997 and will be back.  We are not a big company 
and rely on others for our IP's and bandwidth, but we like to  'give back'  
for all the help and support we have had from the internet community over the 
years.  Free mailing lists, as well as financial support, bug 
reports/investigation, suggestions etc. to a number of projects over the 
years is part of our philosophy.  For what you take, give back equally in 

Please be patient should the worst happen.


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