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[machineforth] SeaForth Simulator

Hello all,

I am working hard the last couple of monthes to make sense of VentureForth, and I am using the Seaforth simulator program for my testing.

The problem I am facing with this simulator is how to use it to read and write to and from memory in node 0. When I fill the address ( $171 ) or data ( $141 ) register the simulator blocks. I probably have to do something in the iocs ( $15D ) register first.

I tried things like this:

: readData ( addr -- n )
  $141 a! ( addr ) !a \ memory
  $171 b! @b \ data

$a readData

Also I would be interested to know how to test other I/O possibilities using the simulator.

Some example code would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Leon Konings

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