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[NOSC] Chuck Moore website and new Forth chips

I wanted to add that Chuck isn't locked into 
parallel designs.  He would be happy to make
a 32 bit chip with whatever custom features you
want, or a 64 bit chip, or a 128 bit chip or ...
if someone wants to pay for the work.  He
would be even more interested if they were
serious about manufacturing them.  

He could make more on royaltees than on design
payments if someone has a good idea and it was
more than just advice for how other people 
should spend their money.

He is in the custom silicon business, and has
some unusual tools and skills.  Bring him the
ideas and the funding and something can happen.

His interest in SMP has been because there has
been outside interest in SMP and efforts to
generate funding.  If anyone has ideas that they
think are better all they have to do is make him
an offer that he can't refuse.

His CAD work is much faster now with the new tools.
So he needs more clients with more ideas and more

If anyone has ideas, it really doesn't matter too
much if I like their ideas or not.  Everyone has their
own opinions.  Mine are mine. Yours are yours.  Maybe
someone will have some winning ideas sometime.

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