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[NOSC] Chuck Moore website and new Forth chips

On Tue, Jul 03, 2001 at 02:31:46PM -0700, Jeff Fox thus spake:
> Eric Laforest wrote:
> > Actually, is he planning to release the sources 
> > to his ColorForth/OKAD II
> > systems on this site?
> ColorForth will get source and object files soon.

Very cool.

> As to the full five hundred lines of source to OKAD II 
> and the full source to the chips themselves that is 
> something else. He has wanted to get paid something 
> for the twenty years of work he has invested into
> chip designs mostly without pay.  Chuck is past
> a reasonable retirement age given his family history.

Hmm.....~14000$US for a run of 25 packaged chips from MOSIS.
This means ~560$/chip. (somewhat more really to cover Chuck's consulting fees)
This is not an impossible sum for many people.
Is there interest enough in 25 or more people to fund a run of x25/F21 chips?
At that cost, a group of determined enthusiasts could fund yearly
or half-yearly runs with rewards of helping Chuck, getting cool
technology and furthering MISC as a whole.

> One problem I see with that is the one of
> where that would lead.  The main interest so far
> has not been from "talking chinese doll makers" as
> someone wrote in one of the other mail lists.
> The chips may just end up as weapons anyway but
> it has been an issue.

Indeed a difficult situation to avoid.

Eric LaForest


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