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[NOSC] iTVC intellectual property

Hello all,

At this point it seems that iTVC is DOA.  I base this
partly on an email I got a year ago when I asked to
tour the facility on a visit to Menlo Park CA.
(Basically the email said there was no guarantee
there would be anyplace to visit when I got there)
and also on the fact that the website is down.  The
current state of affairs has me wondering about
the status of iTVC's intellectual property.  Jeff
Fox mentioned at comp.lang.forth about the features
of 4OS and that he wrote an emulator for it for
Windows.  What's the possibility of any of this
stuff seeing the light of day?  Would any of the
drivers written for 4OS (TCP/IP, PPP, ethernet) be
applicable to c18 or 25x?  It would be a shame
if all of this stuff just ended up in a vault in
some attorney's office.


John M. Drake

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