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[MachineForth] NOSC --- Nosc

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From: Martin Randall <marrandy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: MachineForth List Member <MachineForth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wednesday, March 21, 2001 8:58 AM
Subject: [MachineForth] NOSC --- Nosc

>Hello Jason
>On 21-Mar-01, you wrote:
>> The instructions said to put
>> subscribe NOSC
>> as the first line in the body, but I found that it
>> didn't work.  Instead, you must put
>> subscribe Nosc
>> as the first line in the body.  A little irritating,
>> but not a stumbling block for those who have
>> experience with computers, such as those
>> using the list.
>Well Jason, it is case insensitive.  Congratulations though, your the first
>person to report this in the 4.5 years we have run mailing lists.
>In case it had suddenly become broken, I did a test :-
>subscribe NOSC
>subscribe Nosc
>subscribe NOsc
>subscribe NOSc
>subscribe nOsc
>subscribe nOsC
>subscribe nOSc
>subscribe nOSC
>subscribe nosc
>..ad nauseum......
>They all gave me authentication mails, ie. identified the mail as a request
>to join the NOSC list and responded correctly.
>You should have received a failure response.  Can you send it with full
>headers to   list-admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I did "Forward Message" from within Outlook Express.  I hope that gives
you the information that you need.




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