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[MachineForth] NOSC --- Nosc

Hello Jason

On 21-Mar-01, you wrote:

> The instructions said to put 
> subscribe NOSC 
> as the first line in the body, but I found that it
> didn't work.  Instead, you must put
> subscribe Nosc
> as the first line in the body.  A little irritating,
> but not a stumbling block for those who have
> experience with computers, such as those
> using the list.

Well Jason, it is case insensitive.  Congratulations though, your the first
person to report this in the 4.5 years we have run mailing lists.

In case it had suddenly become broken, I did a test :-

subscribe NOSC
subscribe Nosc
subscribe NOsc
subscribe NOSc
subscribe nOsc
subscribe nOsC
subscribe nOSc
subscribe nOSC
subscribe nosc
..ad nauseum......

They all gave me authentication mails, ie. identified the mail as a request
to join the NOSC list and responded correctly.

You should have received a failure response.  Can you send it with full
headers to   list-admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1 bulls, 3 cows


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