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[MachineForth] Chuck's 25x and IBM's Blue Gene

On Wed, Jul 04, 2001 at 12:06:23PM -0700, Jeff Fox wrote:
> They have 400Mhz in 0.15u and 600Mhz to 1G in 0.13u 
> while Chuck is saying 1G at 1.8u so he is still an
> order of magnitude ahead because of his improved
> transistor model and superior layout technique.
One of us has mis-read Chuck's site.  His page on x18 describes it as using
".18um transistors".  Did he really miss-type that and mean 1.8um as you
suggest?  I don't think so, as MOSIS advertises only a 0.18 TSMC process,
not a 1.8um process.

-- Trey

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