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[MachineForth] Chuck's 25x and IBM's Blue Gene

> Von: Waynesma <waynesma@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> An: MachineForth List Member <MachineForth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Betreff: [MachineForth] Chuck's 25x and IBM's Blue Gene
> Datum: Dienstag, 3. Juli 2001 18:08
> The Misc world seems to be developing in strange and
> unexpected ways all other the place.  Well even an x18
> on it's own would be a usefull chip (I can think of
> one low volumne group who would be over the moon if it
> was connected to their machine {: ) .

This leads me to a question. Like everyone and his brother,
i have a lot of CPUs laying around, non of which is a Risc
or a Misc CPU, and surely no stack machines. So i'm writing
my own Forth dialect and gonna implement it on the various
platforms (some PCs, an RCX (H8 CPU, AFAIK register-based)
and maybe a Gameboy Color(Z80 lookalike)). 
And if i'm good, i'll get a performance 
of about 1 Forth instruction per 10 machine instructions.

So, if there would be some cheap board with a Misc or Stack
based CPU, or some consumer product i can rip such a beast
off, i'd expect a much better match to the language. Is
there really no such CPU on the market? I can make my own
board if necessary, so the chip would suffice. Does anyone 
here have pointers? I can't spend a fortune, so it must be
cost effective. Hobby for now. Maybe an FPGA based design.
But looking on sites like opencores.org or how they're called,
it looks like there's nothing Misc-like on the "GPLed hardware"
design front at the moment. They seem to be busy cloning
industrial cores like the ARM, using a whopping 22K gates
for a CPU core. That's not what i'm seeking.

Anybody here who got a Misc design working at home, be it a
stock CPU, an FPGA or whatever without being a full time
chip designer?

And is iTVc still in operation? 

Dirk Heise


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