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[MachineForth] Chuck's 25x and IBM's Blue Gene

Waynesma wrote:
> Well even an x18
> on it's own would be a usefull chip (I can think of
> one low volumne group who would be over the moon if it
> was connected to their machine {: ) .

It does offer exceptionally low power and high
performance.  The external 4ns memories are
easily obtainable and easy to connect.  But to take
full advantage one might want to get a custom version
of the 1ns on-chip ROM w/ your app. done by Chuck.
I like the instruction set. ;-)
> Congradulations to Chuck, does this mean he's not
> working under iTV at the moment?  

Yes.  As he said at the very beginning of his 
last presentation to FIG on OKAD II iTV had no
interest in a rewrite of his CAD software in
Forth or in any new chip designs by him.  So
he got a new computer and began working on his
own on a project where some people had expressed
interest.  He said they were nice people but
just not interested in his stuff.

> The x25 is excellent for it's application. 
> Pity 32-bit Misc never came out, it would make an 
> excellent front end controller for the beast.

Most likely a Pentium type machine will be used.  
Chuck would most likely use ColorForth.  Other people
plan to use some industrial strength software
like BSD.
> If you look on the news list of www.Tomshardware.com

Nice site.  I liked the $1700 15" 3D LCD display and
the 128MB flash stamp,   I was not impressed that Intel
only gets 1G out of 0.13u technology however. I wonder
what Chuck's designs would do if scaled from 1.8u
to 0.13u.  Chuck Moore's law seems different than
Gordon Moore's law.

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