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[MachineForth] Chuck's 25x and IBM's Blue Gene

The Misc world seems to be developing in strange and
unexpected ways all other the place.  Well even an x18
on it's own would be a usefull chip (I can think of
one low volumne group who would be over the moon if it
was connected to their machine {: ) .

Congradulations to Chuck, does this mean he's not
working under iTV at the moment?  The x25 is excellent
for it's application. Pity 32-bit Misc never came out,
it would make an excellent front end controller for
the beast.

If you look on the news list of www.Tomshardware.com
last week their in a new simple and cheap ebbeded dram
process.  It offers 400Mhz-1Ghz e-dram that far
outstips cost effectiveness of any emmbeded sram type.
 I thought of Misc when I read it.

Thanks Chuck.


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