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[NOSC] CAD tools (was: Verilog)

> http://www.staticfreesoft.com/electric.html

I have down loaded the manual and will have a look!
Thanks for the link.

> It seems to be a very mature and clean
> UNIX/Win32/Mac program.
> I had almost no problems compiling it.
> Ran through the basic tutorial no prob.
> So far so good.

> Of course...I'm also *eagerly* awaiting the release
> of OKAD II. :)
> Defining Forth machines in Forth would be nirvana I
> presume.

Im no to shure about that, if i recall J FOX right
the OKAD is probably tightly tailored to CH and his
needs/ideas.That is not to say that im not 
interested into se the software! :-) 


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