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[NOSC] Chuck Moore website and new Forth chips

Rick Hohensee wrote:
> 60000 MIPS might be too hard to believe. 

It is impressive for a $1 chip.  The MIPS numbers for
one Pentium sized or wafer sized will be harder for
people to believe.  The MIPS numbers for a Pentium
sized version in .1u or smaller would be harder 
for people to believe.

Many people didn't believe that 100MIPS in 1.2u
was possible or that 500MIPS in .8u was possible
after it was done it was pretty obvious that
they didn't care either.  I try not to be
concerned about the people who can't belive
it or don't care.

> It might be an easier sell to talk about a 
> one-cycle process-switch.

Have you tried to sell the idea?  Has there been
serious interest in a super fast task switching
processor with a 0.4ns task switch?  

> 25 task processors. I don't know if
> routing that is easier or harder though. 

A 25 way bus arbitration unit would be more
complex that what Chuck is doing and would
keep 24 of 25 processors shut down at any
given time.  Given that Chuck has gone to
dynamic logic processors would lose all their
contents if shut down for very long.  So
instead of 4% throughput it would be a tiny bit
lower due to the extra overhead to keep all
shut down processors alive waiting for a task

> Make it 32 bit, with two 18 bit cache SRAMs, 

Twice the number of pins and some multiple of the
development cost of course.

> put it on a PCI card, call it a multimedia board, 
> and don't tell them it doesn't need the x86.

Making a product that used a new chip is 
completely different thing than desiging or
making the chip.  That can require orders of
magnitude higher budgets.  Who or what company
is that you are suggesting should develop this 
PCI card product with the 32 bit chip? What
do you think would be a good PC application 
for the product to target?  I certainly could
be done and it might be a good idea.

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