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[NOSC] Chuck Moore website and new Forth chips

As Jeff Fox has pointed out in previous posts, extolling the virtues of MISC
Forth on these email lists is preaching to the choir.

What we have is a failure to communicate between tech (bleeding edge MISC
Forth) and finance/marketing/mgmt (FMM).

We see the nominal 6 orders of magnitude imrovement in code/silicone but
have failed to show FMM how it is to their benefit to adopt it. Since we
have the ideas clearly in our minds, it is our responsibility to convey it
to them in _their_ terms.

Treat it as an engineering communications problem. Define the parameter
space and their communications protocols and find the optimum fit. Apply the
same brutal efficiency to convey this advantage as is demonstrated in MISC.
E.g see Chucks Floppy I/O:
for a working example of brutal efficiency, 5 defs for disk I/O! Can we do
the same in FMM speak?

For a simple example, a meme (a self replicating concept expressed in a
simple phrase) would set the context. "A million times more efficient" seems
like an obvious one to me, but this may be too much for FMM to accept.
Repetition can get it accepted, as demonstrated by the mindless ads we all
know and love, which means the MISC community has to go out and proselytize.
Devise other more credible memes to spread before it.

Get involved in the Open Source Community. One post to Slashdot is
'priceless'. Organize a submission campaign to get Chuck's web site exposed.
Get the MISC advantage out into the world. In a word, ADVERTISE. Just be
covert about it, unless you have money to throw around.

To restate the situation: this is a communications/protocol mismatch. Figure
out the motivation for Finance, Markting and Management decisions and
provide the proper stimulus.

But that's just my opinion.

Terry Loveall


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