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[ColorForth] Newbie questions

When you add a word to an unused block, you must 'load' that block before
the word is compiled. At start-up, colorForth loads block 18, which in turn
loads other blocks.

The word 'mark' in block 18 marks the place to which 'empty' will restore
the dictionary. If you edit code loaded before 'mark', to load that code you
must either type:
     save  boot
     save  warm
or simply:
 'save' is always wise. 'warm' jumps to start without reloading from floppy.

Blocks 64-161 are available for use. To clear them to zero, type:
     64  98  erase

I suggest loading block 72 from 18, then naming or loading your custom code
there. Just as block 18 names demos and utilities. Then blocks 0-63 may be
replaced by a new version of COLOR.COM with minimal effect. With COLOR.COM
running and your custom floppy in the drive, type:
     0  0  4  writes
to copy 4 cylinders from memory address 0 to cylinder 0. Blocks 64-71 are in
limbo, being replaced with garbage.


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