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[ColorForth] Newbie questions

On Wednesday 22 August 2001 09:49, yKristopher Johnson wrote:
> Within a definition, the macro list is searched first, and the word
> is executed if found.   Otherwise, the forth list is searched, and a
> call to the word is compiled.

Exactly, but note that if you do need to compile a call to a macro 
instead of executing it you can write it in cyan instead of green. And 
you can execute a word in the Forth dictionary in the middle of a 
definition by writting it in yellow. So you have total control over 
what will happen.

> What I did was add my own definitions:
> forth
> : drop drop ;
> : swap swap ;

Block 28 is supposed to do exactly this for several words including 
dup, but not drop or swap.
-- Jecel.
P.S.: I have just updated http://www.merlintec.com/download/color.html 
to properly show negative numbers. I thought all those 1232341243 like 
numbers seemed strange ;-)

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