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[colorforth] New to ColorForth

My thanks to Terry Loveall and Kristofer Johnson for the patches that have
made ColorForth run on my computers.  One is a Dell and I'm not sure of the
make of the other motherboard but it now runs.  My question now is, what do
I do next.  I can put numbers on the stack and do simple operations and I
can bring up the editor and move around.  I am missing the next step.  If I
type even simple words like "drop, or, and" all I get is "?".  I tried "24
load" and nothing seemed to happen and the words were still not loaded.  Is
there a word such as "words" to list the dictionary?  How do I load blocks
of code?

Steve Taylor
Network Robots, Inc.
4695 Chabot Dr., Suite 200
Pleasanton, CA 94588
925-924-8663 Voice
925-924-8650 Fax


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