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[Nosc] Understanding video input on F21

I've read through the description of the F21 video 
coprocessor probably a dozen times and I'm still
figuring things out.  One thing that's always 
puzzled me is the video input circuits.  From what
I gather this isn't a "video digitizer", but 
instead is used for "external sync" and 
"transparent pixels"?  I can see how transparent
pixels could be used.  Once I worked on a public
access cable show.  I was responsible for working
the machine that would add the title page to the
video.  It could use different font, but the only
color was white.  I suppose you could use the F21
to do the same thing.  "Transparent" pixel mode
could be used to impose 16 color text/images over
a video frame.  

But what is purpose of external sync?  Also could
an F21 be used as a video digitizer?

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