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[Nosc] Understanding video input on F21

John Drake wrote:
> But what is purpose of external sync?  

None of the F21 fabricated have had the circuit to
overlay video.  It was specified but Chuck left it
for one of the last custom changes and we had to
rush to get a working prototype out the door
before they shut down the fab we were using and
all funding ran out a few years ago.

In order to have transparent pixels and mix video
signals the video that you generate must be sychronized
to the external video that you sync to.  This can
be done by pulling the sync signal out of the incoming
external video or from an external sync signal.

> Also could an F21 be used as a video digitizer?

The analog coprocessor can indeed be used to either
digtize video or generate video.  The video coprocessor
is a specialized analog coprocessor for analog video

A version of F21 fabed on a more modern fab line than
we were using eight years ago could increase the speed
to c18 levels and beyond and allow generation of
multiple high definition television signals in digital
format from the chip.

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