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Feature: Magic Keys

Magic Keys lets you play each track on your Machinedrum as if it was a standard MIDI synthesizer. As you press each key on your MIDI keyboard, Magic Keys adjusts the PTCH setting of the target Machinedrum track to match the note that you played on your keyboard.

Sample Configuration

The screenshot below shows a sample Magic Keys configuration:

Sample Magic Keys configuration.

This Magic Keys processor is mapped to MIDI notes C3 - B3 and is being used with the first track, an EFM-BD synthesizer. The Parameter Table value specifies the configuration file that should be used to map MIDI notes to Machinedrum PTCH settings. In this case, the “Default EFM BD” Parameter Table has been chosen.


The sample Magic Keys processor is being transposed down twelve steps, so playing C3 on the MIDI controller will actually play C2 on the Machinedrum. Each of the synthesizers on the Machinedrum has a specific range of notes that it can play, so you will almost always want to use a transposition value. These values are easily configured in the Change Note dialog:

Change Note dialog for sample Magic Keys configuration.

The keyboard at the top of the window shows the activation note range that this Magic Keys processor responds to. In this case, the range is C3 - B3. All of those notes will cause a sound to be played on the Machinedrum.

The gray keys at the edge of the first keyboard indicate the keys that are outside of the range of a normal, 88-note MIDI controller. You can still use those notes, but you may not be able to access them on your controller.

The second keyboard graphically displays the transposed note range that will be played on the Machinedrum. The sample configuration is transposed down twelve steps, so the Machinedrum will play the notes C2 - B2.

The gray areas at the edge of the second keyboard show the notes that are outside of the range of the current Parameter Table.

You can drag the green note ranges left and right to change the note mapping and transposition value. You can also resize the activation note range to make it as large or as small as you wish.

Triggered or Trigless?

Our sample processor is running in standard, triggered mode. If the Trigless option was enabled, then Magic Keys would adjust the PTCH settings, but would not trigger the track. This is useful if the track is part of a pattern/song on your Machinedrum and you want to change the PTCH from your MIDI controller without triggering the track.