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Feature: Magic Mute

Magic Mute allows you to use your MIDI controller or MIDI sequencer to mute and unmute tracks on your Machinedrum. Each instance of the Magic Mute processor can be linked to one or more Machinedrum tracks. All of the tracks will be muted/unmuted together when the activation note is pressed.

The screenshot below shows four Magic Mute processors:

Sample Magic Mute configuration.

Tracks that are enabled (their track light is red) will be muted when the activation note is pressed on your MIDI controller. In the example above, pressing G2 would mute tracks 1, 11, 14 and 16.

Muting is a cumulative effect, so pressing C2 and D2 together would mute tracks 3-8 and 9-16. Releasing D2, without releasing C2, would unmute tracks 3-8 and leave tracks 9-16 muted. This lets you build complex, layered muting effects.

You can also mark a Magic Mute processor as sticky. Sticky mute groups will continue to stay muted after their activation note is released. You can use this feature to easily mute a group of tracks while you play with the remaining tracks. Just tap the activation note again to unmute the tracks.