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[Nosc] F21 packet modem idea

Mark Sandford wrote:
> I was thinking more of a local wireless connection
> to a computer with Internet access.  

I used a ricochet modem for years.  We connected
our internet appliances directly to the net
with wireless ricochet spread spectrum encrypted
modems and they worked exactly like any other
simple serial modem from our perspective.
Modem initialize, dial, logon, PPP, and away
you go.

I still have a ricochet modem, but I understand
that the company went of business so there is
no longer area coverage!  Too good I suppose!  
Still one could do peer-to-peer wireless to 
bridge to the internet and pick up modems
on ebay.  But I never saw the specs on HOW
to do peer-to-peer! and now...  I was also
told that although the sold you 30K
of bandwidth and configured your connection
for 38K that the modem itself could handle a
couple hundred Kbps or something.

There was cute PCMCIA card wireless modem from
AT&T.  I have seen other wireless ethernet
PCMCIA cards. 

The guys I talked about tutoring on Forth, chips,
and tools in two hours at iTV were doing a wireless 
ethernet controller project with an i21 inside.

I also worked with some folks who had a cool
stamp sized modem similar to ricochet except
for 4 10mbps channels and very long range.
It would have been a nice mate for F21. ;-)

> Wireless is
> a lot of work but I found the TRF6900A from TI
> that is a single chip tranceiver for the 915MHz
> ISM band, cheap, low power looks like you could
> get ~115KBaud which is pretty good for a single
> chip solution, 1Mbit solutions also exist a la
> bluetooth but are a nightmare for link mainatence.

Yes.  Chuck's presentation on the Blue Tooth
protocol in 2000 made me want to avoid that 
level of detail.

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